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IGNITECH More customers using Social Media Marketing

How to get more customers using Social Media Marketing

Business promotion on social networks requires a systematic approach. You need to analyze your current situation, identify your business goals, and develop a Social Media Marketing (SMM) Strategy that needs to find a way to achieve them. Let’s take a closer look at this process.

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Social Media Tips to boost your online presence (SMM)

10 Expert Tips to boost your Social Media Presence

Social media is a great way for small business owners to reach out to prospective customers. If done correctly, sales will increase. But if you’re not careful, it can be distracting and keep your customers and prospects away. Here are the top 10 business strategies from marketing experts that small business owners…

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Guidelines to Boost the SEO Rankings for your online Store

7 Guidelines to Boost the SEO Rankings for your Online Store

If you don’t appear in the search results of potential buyers, they don’t even know your presence. In order to reach these potential buyers that are looking for your product or services, you need to optimize your e-commerce website and get a high-ranking position in search engine results. This drastically can increase the organic traffic of highly interested visitors to your online store

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