We Make Social Media Work for Brands & Business Needs

IGNITECH helps marketing leaders develop their customer insights, build a solid social strategy and enhance influencer relationships and engage targeted buyers.

We have adequate business solutions and strategies for the following business needs :



Global Expansion

Local Expansion

Digital Transformation

Mobile Commerce

Work with us, and we will help your business get the best of the following business strategies :


Customer Insights Research

Improve your marketing strategy with unique insights about how your buyers engage on social media

Social Media Strategy Icon

Social Media Strategy and Management

Reach, engage and influence your social audience more effectively with the right strategy, practices, and KPIs

Influencer Marketing Icon

Influencer Marketing

Identify and build relationships with the people who truly influence your buyers

Social Media Events

Social Media for Events

Create more awareness, conversation and community by tapping into social media for your event

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Sponsored Research

Build awareness and credibility with your target audience by sponsoring original research

Social Listening and Crisis Management Icon

Social Listening & Crisis Management

we track insights & review real consumer conversations. we will handle escalations &crisis prevention.