Comment attirer plus de clients grâce au Social Media Marketing ?

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Business promotion on social networks requires a systematic approach. You need to analyze your current situation, identify your business goals, and develop a Social Media Marketing (SMM) Strategy that needs to find a way to achieve them. Let’s take a closer look at this process. Here are the main ways that can help you get more customers to your business :


Promote your company on social networks

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To effectively promote your company on social networks, you need to start with an assessment of the current situation. It is necessary to build up on what you have already.

Take advantage of pages you already have in place. As a starting point, you should have a business account on Facebook , Instagram, LinkedIn, a YouTube channel, and Twitter brand account.


Develop business accounts on social networks and instant messengers

IGNITECH - Use Social Instant Messengers


On Facebook, you can create a company, brand, community, or public page by adding a call to action button.

After that, create an Instagram business account and add a call button on Google Maps, send a letter and specify a route to your company.

Similarly, create a community page on LinkedIn, you can post news and examine web analytics on the page.

Besidesn, WhatsApp has two options: WhatsApp Business for small businesses and the WhatsApp Business API developed for large companies.

Viber offers the ability to create brand stickers, e-commerce, and send business messages.

In addition, with Telegram, you can create public channels and bots for customer support, integration with other services, and receiving payments.


Investigate the current situation with brands on social networks


First, identify weaknesses and pitfalls in your pages, analyse the reputation, engagement and monitor your real active subscribers. These elements will help define how frequently content should be posted.

That’s to say, it is important to keep a strategic rythm on posting across your social Media Marketing channels.


Set performance indicators on social networks


To understand the direction of promotion on social networks, you need to set clear and measurable goals based on your specific characteristics.

Your internal KPIs will help you monitor and keep an eye on your online reputation and build a strong relation with your clients.

  • Reach
  • Engagement
  • Leads
  • Conversion
  • Life Time Value …

Create a portrait of a target group representative


You need to understand the target audience and the most prominent representatives of your target audience.

After you create a detailed portrait of a typical customer, specify their gender, their social status, key interests, and life priorities, it will becomes much clearer for you, and at tha point, you can create specific content that will speak directly to your target.


Create unique sales offers


Creating unique and attractive sales offers will definitely help, as it will neutralise disputes, increase conversions, And will make your brand stand out from the competition.

The business strategy must be based on a basic understanding of the company’s strengths and the ability of all employees to inspire customers with the confidence that this particular product choice is appropriate.


Create a content strategy


Properly selected content that meets the interests of the target group and helps solve that problem is a fundamental promotional element of social networks. Your content strategy should show your publishing plan, frequency, format, and style.

  • Business activities: Materials related to business activities that solve consumer issues, expand the conceptual framework, and increase erudition:
  • Commercial Content: Direct advertising of goods or services. Links to the company’s official website and other business communities are not too exciting and frequent.
  • User-created content: video reviews, comments, and photos related to the brand.
  • Interactive resources: Surveys between subscribers, opening topics for discussion, and other options for interacting with customers.
  • Company News: Information on brand activities, interesting stories about successes and failures, employee presentations, videos showing the production process. All this contributes to the promotion and recognition of the brand on social networks.

Community graphic design


SMM for the enterprise involves creating a positive user experience. To do this, you need to design the page in the same house style as the main website and create a recognizable visual image of the brand.


Add community widgets and social media buttons

Community widgets and share buttons on your articles are a plus. you can install a plugin on your website or ask a developper to do that for you.

And always add a description, title, and a link to the desired image to the message.


Use paid ads

IGNITECH - Use Paid Ads of your social networks


If you want your message to reach as many potential customers as possible, you need to advertise on social networks to promote your message. And paid ads are one of the fastest ways to target an audience based on preferences, gender, age, specific interests or activities.

Moreove, Using your existing database is an option aswell. Mixed with paid Social media ads, can be a very powerful method to get the attention of you existing customers and insite them to make recurring purchases through retargeting.

For more details please visit : IGNITECH Social Media Advertising.


Hold Contests


Citizens are very interested in the competition. The most popular form is a prize draw between community members who have reposted the community.


Use hashtags and geolocation

IGNITECH - Use Hashtag And Geolocations


Hashtags help users find and share your content.

You should always use related hashtags to the content you are sharing, and for that, you can use online services for selecting hashtags such as Hashtagify.me.

In other words, hashtags will attract potential customers to your website and keeps your content segmented by categories.


At last but not at least, when promoting your business on social networks, it is important to identify the tools you need, the goals you need, and how to achieve them. And for that, these are the key elements to retain:

  • Business accounts for social networks and instant messengers.
  • Analysis of the current situation and long-term plans;
  • Identification of the target and its quantitative indicators;
  • Study of target groups;
  • Offer unique sales proposals.
  • Set a content strategy;
  • Community graphic design.
  • Community widgets and buttons for social networks on websites.
  • Advertising on social networks.
  • Subscriber competition.
  • Hashtag and location information.

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