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We understand that Social media marketing and management takes time, consumes a lot of time from our clients to understand audiences on each plateform, to measure social metrics and measure engagement and in order to implement an efficient social media marketing strategy into overall marketing aproach is tedious. But fear not we are specialists in implementing top notch social media marketing strategies that will definitely boost your online performance. Further more, here is a summary of regular questions we get asked on daily basis;

No one denies that the web has gone social. In fact, according to socialmediatoday.com the amount of time people spend on social media is increasing up to nine hours per day, while 30% of all time spent online is allocated to social media interactions. That’s to say, if you want to get infront of people, social media is an efficient way to do it.

Whether you’re interested in brand awareness, sponsored content to get conversions, or a combination of both, we can help !

It’s best to post at least twice a week. Twitter can be the most frequent, even multiple times in a single day. You can post on Pinterest daily if your team has the time and the adequate content to do that. In addition to that, we usually use stories on Snapshat, Facebook and instagram to stayt on top-of-mind or create a sense of urgency without being too excessive.

Consistency is key, you have to build a strong bond your followers and your brand.

Building a strong social media presence is simple hence not easy. It is not a rocket science but it takes time and consistency. Based on our experience, it usually takes two years of consistent work on social plateforms to build the best bond that customers will love.

We have internally developped a solution to manage this, and we can help you automate and schedule your posts ahead.

But if you are willing to manage that internally, we advice our clients to use Buffer or hootsuite.

You can delete comments on pinterest, youtube and linkedin.

But, we don’t advise to do that on Facebook, instagram and Twitter. While you can not delete comments, we use a filter to block bad keywords in advance.

We have a set of internal custom made tools that we use to meet all our clients requirements, feel free to contact us so we can give you a full presentation of our tools.

Moreover, our team use Google docs for collaborative work, Adobe Spark, Photoshop and illustrator to create and size images.

Our consultants, use wide variety of tools such us but not limited to :

  • Your customers are on Social Media on daily basis:

Regardless of the type of business you’re in, you’ve got to be seen by your potential customers and be where ever they are. By beeing present in social media you keep your brand connected to your customers and keep them engaged so that you’re always the first chosen option.

  • There are people Searching/Talking about and recommending your services or products:

Our social media services will keep your business close to your potential customers, you can listen to their needs, respond to their concerns and meet their expectations easily.  We highlight and focus on the positive aspects that your company has to offer and respond genuinely and sincerely to negative remarks, which make your customers always feel important and fall in love with your services.

  • You deserve an expert social media management :

Most businesses do not have the time nor the knowledge to manage efficiently all their social media channels, but we’ve got your back. We have in place all the tools, systems and experts that can reach your marketing goals and boost your sales, ROI and revenue.

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