Boost Sales With These 5 Powerful Marketing Automation Consulting Tips

Hiring a skilled marketing automation consulting firm to optimize your platforms and workflows can provide immense value. The right consultant becomes an invaluable partner, using their technical expertise and creative campaign development skills to boost your sales. By leveraging consultants to set up lead scoring, build automated journeys, integrate your CRM and MA platforms, implement tracking, and create triggers and smart lists, you enable sophisticated segmentation and personalized engagement. A seasoned marketing automation consulting pro tailors your system to your unique business needs and buyers' paths to drive conversions. Investing in a marketing automation consultant gives you an edge to outpace competitors and maximize sales.

Marketing automation is rapidly becoming an essential tool for businesses looking to improve efficiency, generate more leads, and increase sales. With the right marketing automation consulting, you can develop custom workflows and integrations that align with your business goals. Here are 5 powerful tips from marketing automation consultants to boost your sales.

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The 5 Powerful Marketing Automation Consulting Tips are:

1. Set Up Lead Scoring and Nurturing

Lead management is a pivotal piece of maximizing your marketing automation ROI. An experienced marketing automation consulting partner can develop a sophisticated lead scoring model and nurturing methodology tailored to your business. Consultants define relevant demographic, behavioral, and engagement criteria to accurately measure sales-readiness. They create customized nurture campaigns with targeted messaging to guide different buyer personas through their journeys with your brand. Ongoing optimization of your lead scoring algorithms and nurture streams based on performance data will ensure continuous improvement. With the right marketing automation consulting, you can achieve highly effective lead scoring to identify hot prospects and thoughtful nurturing to develop relationships with leads over time. This drives higher quality leads into your sales pipeline and greater customer lifetime value.

One of the biggest benefits of marketing automation is the ability to identify and track leads over time. A marketing automation consultant can help you establish lead scoring criteria and set up nurture campaigns targeted to different buyer personas and stages.

Sending timely and relevant content to prospects keeps your brand top of mind. Lead nurturing via automated emails and ads helps move prospects through your sales funnel faster. A marketing automation consultant will ensure your lead scoring and nurturing processes are optimized to boost conversions.

Lead Scoring Criteria

When setting up lead scoring, your marketing automation consultant will help define criteria that determines a lead’s sales-readiness based on their profile and behaviors. Typical criteria includes:

  • Demographic info like title, company size, industry
  • Engagement data such as email opens/clicks, site visits
  • Form fills and downloads for gated content access
  • Page views for key product/service pages
Visitor from target industry10
Email engagement (open, click)15
Downloaded pricing guide20
Visited pricing page30
Submitted contact form50

Setting up the right scoring parameters lets you identify and prioritize hot leads for follow-up by sales.

Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Your consultant will set up nurturing campaigns targeted to different buyer stages. Example nurture streams:

  • New Visitors – Provide intro to products/services
  • Researchers – Send comparison materials, demos
  • Evaluators – Promote trials, case studies
  • Decision Makers – Share proposals, pricing

Customized content delivered via nurture campaigns keeps prospects engaged while progressing them towards a sale.

2. Integrate With CRM

Integration between your marketing automation platform and CRM is essential for alignment between sales and marketing. A marketing automation consulting pro can seamlessly integrate the two systems to create a shared database.

This gives your sales reps visibility into prospect interactions and enables sales and marketing teams to collaborate more efficiently. Streamlined processes and handoffs between teams result in higher quality leads for sales and improved conversion rates.

Key Benefits of Integration

  • Shared lead database accessible to both teams
  • Marketing can score and nurture leads in marketing automation system
  • Lead status and activity automatically synced to CRM
  • Sales can easily track prospect engagement across channels
  • Smooth handoff from marketing to sales at sales-ready stage

Proper integration facilitates transparency, efficient follow-up, and a better customer experience.

3. Implement Lead Tracking

A savvy marketing automation consulting partner can implement comprehensive tracking and analytics to provide insight into your leads. By tracking every step of your prospects' journeys across channels, you gain incredibly valuable data to optimize conversions. Your marketing automation consultant can track lead attributes, behaviors, campaign responses, website engagement, content downloads, email metrics, form submissions, and more. This wealth of tracking gives clear visibility into what's working across your sales and marketing initiatives. Expert marketing automation consulting firms have the technical know-how to implement this detailed tracking and analyze the data to surface key insights that inform impactful optimization. Robust lead tracking is essential for fine-tuning your workflows and personalizing engagement to boost sales over time.

Understanding how leads enter and move through your sales funnel is crucial for optimization. Marketing automation consultants can implement robust tracking to give you insights into lead behavior across channels.

Tracking lead source, campaign performance, website interactions, email engagement, and more allows you to see what’s working and identify areas for improvement. Fine-tuning your marketing automation workflows based on lead tracking data will increase conversions over time.

Tracking Capabilities

Marketing automation enables extensive tracking of prospects, including:

  • Lead source (PPC, organic search, social, etc)
  • Lead distribution by campaign, ad group, keyword, etc
  • Email metrics (open rate, CTRs, etc) broken down by campaign
  • Web activity (pages visited, recordings viewed, etc)
  • Form submission tracking
  • Campaign ROI

This wealth of data provides insights to help optimize every aspect of your sales and marketing processes over time.

4. Build Automated Journeys

Creating customized journeys for prospects is a game-changer for lead nurturing. A skilled marketing automation consultant will map out your typical buyer journey and build automated workflows to align with each stage.

Tailored content and messaging delivered via automated journeys make prospects feel understood and eager to engage further. Automating repetitive tasks also frees up your team to focus on complex sales interactions. Optimized journeys, designed by a consultant who understands your business, will undoubtedly boost your bottom line.

Journey Mapping Process

  • Identify key buyer personas
  • Outline typical triggers and behaviors for each persona throughout purchase process
  • Define content and messaging strategy for each persona/stage
  • Build automation workflows to deliver matched experiences

This methodology results in consistent, personalized journeys that convert.

5. Implement Smart Lists and Triggers

The ability to automatically trigger actions based on prospect behaviors and preferences is incredibly powerful. A marketing automation consultant can create smart lists and set up custom triggers to drive conversions.

For example, prospects who download a pricing guide could trigger an automated email with a coupon or demo invite. Site visitors who repeatedly visit certain product pages may be tagged for additional nurturing. The possibilities are endless when you leverage automation with the expertise of a consultant.

Smart List/Trigger Examples

Downloaded “Guide to Pricing”Email with 10% off coupon
Visited pricing page 3+ timesAdd to special discount nurture track
Filled out demo request formAdd to demo calendar and notify sales rep

Triggers based on prospect actions allow you to deliver highly tailored, timely experiences.

With the right marketing automation consulting, you can transform disjointed processes into streamlined workflows optimized for conversions. A knowledgeable consultant becomes an invaluable asset who helps tailor platforms to your unique business needs. Investing in marketing automation consulting gives you the edge to outpace competitors and boost sales dramatically.


Bring a consultant on as early as possible when implementing a new MA platform. They can help with platform selection, data migration, integration building, and workflow development. For existing systems, if your team lacks expertise or bandwidth to optimize workflows, a consultant can fill gaps.

Consultants act as advisors who provide strategic guidance and help build/optimize your MA program. Marketers focus on executing day-to-day campaign creation, content development, and monitoring within your established workflows.

Track leads generated, sales won, and revenue gained from newly automated processes. Compare campaign performance before and after the consultant’s involvement. Improved efficiency and team productivity also contribute to ROI.

Yes, onboarding your team is wise so they understand workflows and can maximize the system. Many consultants offer admin, end-user, and customized training sessions to equip your broader organization.

Essential features include lead scoring, email and landing page builders, nurture campaigns, CRM integration, automation and triggers, robust reporting, mobile optimization, social media management, and tools to track ROI.

Work with your consultant to map out customer journeys and define the informational needs for each stage. Create a content calendar tailored to nurture streams and campaigns. Focus on developing targeted content that speaks to your personas’ interests and needs as they progress to a sale.

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